Biophilia workshop held in Castlemaine for a new project

A one day workshop was convened, for the Paddock project, to tease out biophilic responses to the site and the brief. The architects presented a summary of the history of, and the ideas around, Biophilia to give a context. This was followed by a round table and open discussion about the opportunities and constraints perceived in the project. The architects then integrated this into an evolving framework based around both the 14 Patterns of Terrapin Bright Green’s approach and the six Elements of the late Stephen Kellert’s system.

Water and fire were identified as symbols for occupation; the waterhole and campfire which suited the arc of the site and the existing dam.

Water was seen as critical given its often rarity.  The site planning evolved from the contours and the ability to direct rain water into the dam, which will be converted into a wetland catchment and filter to, through gravity, water the productive gardens.

images by Geoff Crosby

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