CASTLEMAINE cupboard – a community web site

Architecture is now more than designing buildings. We are designing the architecture of a new web site to be called to facilitate lending and borrowing. The idea came while thinking about the books I own, books that other people may want to read, books that would not be in the local library. It is  about community and help bind and enhance engagement in ideas

The concept is; log on and list stuff you have that you would be willing to lend (or even trade).

Start with books in categories. For instance I have a lot of books on electronic and new music.
To borrow you would have to meet the person lending and maybe if the interests were particularly specific or esoteric a local network would grow.

Other areas could include:
FOOD (recipes, cooking gear, produce…..)
MUSIC (CD’s, LP’s, instruments, sheet music….)
NATURE (camping gear, maps, places to go, gardening equipment……..)

We have set up a facebook page, Castlemaine Cupboard, to elicit ideas and commitments from the local community before initiating the web site.