Chapel Street Apartments

1997 – 1999

5 storey apartment building with row housing at the rear.

This project started life as totally different animal; a ramped courtyard facing the street over car parking flanked by a small tower to the south, a row of terraces to the west and two level studios in an apartment building on the north.

The site was a vacant ex power grid block, bounded on all four sides by streets and a lane.

Being the largest project to that date and under pressure from the client/ builder the design was changed to a slab block facing the main street with a row of terraces on the rear lane.

The eventual design meant parking on grade to reduce costs of excavation. This raised the building and led to reduced street activity. This was to some extent mitigated by dropping the corners down and introducing a small retail component.


Geoff Crosby

Project categories: residential - multi.