PERFECT CURE bush huts

Perfect Cure Creek bush huts

One of a series of bush huts designed for a tender for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to be located at Perfect Cure Creek in the Fraser National Park.

The aim was to create a building that opens out into the natural environment in a way that invites the user to actively explore regardless of weather conditions. If the weather does not tempt visitors outside they should still feel a part of the bush, and be encouraged to contemplate and enjoy it in a different type of way.

The plan is created around two glass doors that slide back from a corner post to open out onto the deck that surounds the north-west corner of the building. The deck includes a built-in corner seat for outdoor eating and wide steps that lead directly into the bush. Inside the sleeping area is on the south and can be opened up to the living space. The double bed with its own window doubles up as a great reading nook during the day. The sleeping area can be closed off with curtains to form private areas in varying configurations.

The north-west orientation means that the outside spaces will be used to the very last light. The east window in the kitchen will let in the first morning light and will make for a pleasant breakfast area. The sleeping quarters are to the south of the building.

Some of the ideas in this little building turned up later in the Carisbrooke St House.

location Fraser National Park

date 1994

status concept