The Paddock chapter in ‘Ecologies Design’

“Ecologies Design brings together leading international experts and relevant case studies in the form of edited research essays, case studies, and project work. It provides an overarching critique of current ecologically orientated approaches and offers evidence and exploration of emerging  and effective methods, techniques, and concepts. It will be of great interest to academics, professionals, and students in the built environment disciplines.”


Chapter 4

Designing for living environments using regenerative development: a case study of The Paddock

“The Paddock…has been designed to encourage the return of biodiversity as well as providing a housing development for people in the form of a small village of 26 homes. The design team started with three design intentions:

  1. How do we design the development to bring back biodiversity?
  2. How do we design to create a net positive village (based on Living Building Challenge certification), including food security?
  3. How do we design a place where there is a role for contributive self-governance (everyone feels they have a responsibility to add value to the site and its management).

The foundation of this project was an aim to make the non-human (nature) environment healthier. There designers and developers were driven by the question: Can we do ‘good development’, development that in the regenerative sense increases the vitality, viability, and adaptability of the whole system?”

Dominique Hes and Judy Bush

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