The Hub

2007 – 2010

The HUB is a conversion of a historic hotel in Castlemaine to a restaurant and 14 small rooms for commercial rental. The intention of the project is that the building act as a centre for local sustainable businesses. The aim was to have relevance culturally, environmentally, economically and socially.

The building was opened in April 2010 by ex labor Federal Minister Barry Jones, who beleived it to be an example of world best practice in all four areas.

Originally built in the 1850s this charming old building has had many refurbishments, the most notable being the addition of the second story in 1905. In 2006 Heather & Neil Barrett purchased the building to give a home to the then newly formed Mount Alexander Sustainability Group. Extensive renovations have since been done to provide comfortable offices and a restaurant (The Good Table).

The aim has been to refurbish the building, maintaining as much as possible of the original fabric. Whilst respecting its heritage some contemporary architectural changes have been made to make the building more climatically comfortable and meet current safety standards. A full energy audit was conducted and the intention has been to incorporate as many sustainable features as possible within budgetary constraints


Geoff Crosby

Project categories: re-use, commercial, community.